Portfolio Site – Teresa Light


Here is an example of Sustainable Systems’ Portfolio website, which is a responsive design that functions well on screens of all sizes. Key information easily shows on the mobile phone, for example. A Portfolio website contains many components common to portfolio sites including; – Showcased work – Social media presence – Active and vibrant slideshows – Easy to use e-commerce …

Talking Cooks

Image of TalkingCooks

The Talking Cooks project idea was inspired by a recipe website assignment for school.  I wondered what it would be like to develop something new and different, perhaps with a story behind it.  This project is not complete, however a lot of behind the scenes work has been completed including: the identity is ready – logo and registered name (shown …

Artist To Art

Image of Artist to Art Mobile View

Mobile ecommerce is larger than desktop/laptop ecommerce for many sectors. And sites don’t need to be boring. Active images drive traffic and retention time, yet must not drag out the ‘refresh time’. We make sites standout from, yet still work on these platforms.

Angry Spirits Game

Image of Spirits

The Angry Spirits Game won the top design award in a development event held in Silicon Valley. It was described by the press as an interesting game where the player keeps good and evil in balance while helping the various spirits. The prototype was created working with an associate, Joshua Smith. The production version is coming soon in various app …