Our Favorite Slider and What Happened This Week

Do you have a conflict with a slider that you may not be aware of?  This describes how we resolved a hard to find issue where a plugin conflicted with our theme showing it’s symptom in our slider.  We also are reiterating our recommendation for the Revolution Slider if you are in the market for a flexible, general purpose slider.

The Revolution Slider comes as a WordPress Plugin and also as a JQuery Plugin for non WordPress sites.   We have written our own sliders and tried many others.  There are other great sliders out there.  What we like about the Revolution Slider is that it has all the features we need, is easy to use and works great with responsive sites when setup properly.  We  can easily intermix Portrait and Landscape images in the same slider and obtain a beautiful result in the end.  It is an all around great, general purpose slider when we do not have a custom request.

This week  we encountered  a problem while trying to get a site done with several sliders on a tight deadline.  The slider drop downs were not working correctly.   Guess what we discovered was the root cause?  It turns out that the Root Relative URL Plugin that comes standard on WordPress installs from RackSpace conflicted with our theme.  This  plugin was helping  us move from staging to production environments more efficiently.  Because it came standard from a major hosting provider, we did not suspect it.    With the excellent help from  Theme Fusion and ThemePunch , and our own persistence, we were able to get to the root cause today.

In my head, I hear my teachers and associates saying, “Teresa!  You know you should disable your plugins when debugging an issue!”   Is it possible that I learned my lesson this time?

In closing, we are frequently asked for recommendations for plugins we like.  The Revolution Slider remains on that list!


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  1. Great troubleshooting! Nice post too.