We are enthused about Famo.us!

Famo.us is a free, open source JavaScript framework that helps you create smooth, complex UIs for any screen.

Teresa Light and Leigh Haubach are co-organizers of the new Famo.us Meetup in San Diego.  Please join us at the SIM Center in San Diego for our next meeting on 8/13/14.  See http://www.meetup.com/Famous-in-SanDiego/ to RSVP.

Here we bring you our latest communication  from Steve Newcomb, CEO of Famo.us:

Hi—Steve here.

In this week’s 10 things, I want to share some of the posts from our new blog, details about our upcoming meetup, and several new community resources and examples. I also want your feedback about what you want to learn in our sessions at the upcoming HTML5 Developers Conference.

As always, I welcome your questions, ideas, and even hate mail. You can also tweet me @stevenewcomb.

Steve Newcomb, CEO


Do you have the latest version? Download Famo.us 

1. Video case study: Perry Birch, Vizidrix

We’ve had a team from Vizidrix, out of Portland, Oregon, working in Famo.us Labs for the past week. Perry Birch, who heads the team, sat down with us in Famo.us Studios to answer these 10 questions:

1. What got you interested in Famo.us?
2. How did you learn Famo.us?
3. What kind of background does your team have?
4. Tell us about one of your client projects.
5. How many of the components did you write yourself?
6. Tell us about your extension to scrollview.
7. Tell us about your aha! moment with Famo.us.
8. What advice would you give to other companies getting started with Famo.us?
9. How has Famo.us Labs improved your experience?
10. How will you use Famo.us in the future?

Watch the full video case study here.

2. Meetup agenda

Our August 13 meetup is coming up. Here’s what we’ll be covering at the event:

– A piece of news that will help make Famo.us and our community very successful
– Collaboration partnerships with Mozilla, Adobe, Intel, and more
– The Famo.us Wrapper (demo)
– The Famo.us Carousel (demo)
– Mixed mode rendering preview
– Mobile templates preview

There will be demo stations where you can see live Famo.us apps and talk with other developers who are using Famo.us in production. And there will be plenty of free beer.

3. Meetup simulcast

We realize that not everyone can make it to our meetup in San Francisco. To make sure we include as many of our community as possible, we’ll be simulcasting the stage presentation from the event starting at 6:30pm Pacific Time on August 13.

The San Diego Famo.us meetup group, led by Teresa Light, will be hosting a viewing party in that city. If you’ve scheduled a viewing party in your city, let us know via Twitter or email and we’ll add the details to the simulcast page.

4. We launched our blog

Our blog is now live. You can expect news and announcements, tips and best practices for working with the Famo.us framework, community highlights, and discussion of the concepts Famo.us is built on. We welcome your comments.

5. Why 60 FPS matters

There’s a lot of debate around frame rate in our community. Some people say 30 FPS is enough. Others say 60 is the right number. In this blog post, Larry Robinson explains why the proper frame rate depends on context.

6. Famo.us community resources list

The Famo.us community creates new resources and helpful demos every day. This list, which anyone in the community can contribute to, is one of the most comprehensive collections of Famo.us information and examples outside of Famo.us University. If you’ve built something you want to share, we encourage you to put it on the list.

7. App spotlight: Ziteboard

Ziteboard is a zoomable whiteboard for collaboration built with Famo.us. The company, which is based in Hungary, recently won the CosHxLabs competition and used its winnings to hire two developers and a designer. Check it out here.

8. Call for CodeMentors 

When you’re learning Famo.us, you’ll occasionally get into a situation where Famo.us University, the reference docs, and the examples aren’t quite enough to get you over the hump and you just need 1:1 help. That’s why Famo.us is working with Codementor to help connect you with experienced mentors for instant help via screen sharing, video, and text chat as you learn.

If you’d like to help others learn Famo.us, we’d like to invite you to become one of the first Famo.us Codementors. You can create your own schedule for answering questions and doing live online code reviews, and get paid for providing help that you’d probably offer anyways. Apply now.

9. Tell us what classes you want at the HTML5 Developers Conference

The next HTML5 Developers Conference is coming up October 20-24 in San Francisco. We are planning to teach several all-day boot camp workshops, and we want your input so we can make sure these sessions meet your needs.

What topics do you want us to cover? Are you interested in beginning or advanced instruction? Send email to jeanne@famo.us with your suggestions.

10. Find a local meetup group near you

The number of Famo.us meetup groups around the world is growing. We mark them on our map as we learn about them. If there isn’t one in your city, email melody@famo.us to find out how to start your own.

As always, you can email me anytime or find me on Twitter.

Steve Newcomb, CEO