TeresaLight-GravitarHi- I’m Teresa.

First – whatever we thought we knew about websites and how to get noticed went the way of the dinosaur when the biggest shift since the internet began, occurred at the start of 2014. Time spent on Mobile devises surpassed that of the PC. So if your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices you were already behind as of then.

It takes a current-and-future-approach to designing and maintaining a website under this realty. Websites need to be FAST (no one has time to click through pages anymore) SECURE (every minute a site is down is a lost opportunity) and MOBILE RESPONSIVE (if you aren’t mobile compatible you fall to the end of the pack in searches).

As a technical leader with an avid interest and expertise in web, app, and game technologies, I design and maintain sites that deliver in these areas. Existing sites are ‘fixed’ and new sites are created that will work properly, and with you and your customers in mind.

Expertise includes solution architect and the creation of Content Management Systems to help businesses be more productive, grow and scale. Skilled and experienced with gathering requirements, modeling data, creating maintainable software with data entry screens, reports, dashboards, confidential data storage with delivery on an secure infrastructure that will scale with your business.

Website solutions and services are offered to individuals and companies. My design (and personal) values include simplicity, integrity, diversity, and co-creating website or content management systems that are Future-Friendly. And I am also engaged in supporting a sustainable world where people and our planet flourish.

Working in a synergistic relationship with you, we’ll create websites or a content management system that people will start using, enjoy using and keep using. They will find you fast and it will be easy for them to use your site on whatever devices they have.

In addition to design creation, I hold interactive workshops on all things web and apps for business. As I bring my own creations to life (ranging from websites, apps, 3D content for virtual worlds, game designs and games with external interfaces) I leverage these skills into the work I do elsewhere.

I’d be thrilled to help you on the journey to create or improve your website or content management system.

Resume Bio

Leadership Skills

  • Business Leadership
  • Systems Engineering
  • Sustainable Systems
  • Six Sigma & Lean Team Facilitation
  • Program & Project Management
  • Requirements Management

Technical Skills

  • Future-Friendly Websites
  • Content Management Systems
  • Website Management Services
  • Solutions Architect (Cloud Services)
  • User Interface Design Standards
  • Search Engine Optimization


  • PHP, Laravel, MVC Architecture
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, More
  • Advanced WordPress
  • Data Modeling (Workbench)
  • Game Design & Unity Engine
  • Adobe Creative Suite